Towns We Service

Some people wonder what makes one realtor successful while others struggle and have few successes. One of those factors relates to knowing your product. Paul Hallenbeck Real Estate focuses on our area, the towns and villages on the map, the places where we live, the places we know well. We strive to view as many homes as possible within our area to help our clients determine the home that best suits their needs. Focusing on the northern part of Dutchess County and the southern portion of Columbia County allows us to put our expertise to work for you.

When you work with us we can tell you where the churches are, where to find an ice cream cone, and what areas have hospitals etc. We often know the future plans for the various towns and villages and can pass that information on to you. Because we focus on these areas we can tell you what else is for sale on a street and what homes have sold for on that street. We have been in most of the homes and we can tell you the condition of those homes and use that information in helping you determine a fair price for the home you want to purchase.

Click on the towns and villages to find out what they are all about. Then contact us, the real estate experts in the area. We will be delighted to help you purchase a home in our area. Once you purchase your home we will meet each other in the various shops, stores, public facilities such as the library, and community events, because we live here too!

New Homes

  • 59 Deer Run Road, Red Hook: $749900
    59 Deer Run Road, Red Hook
  • Woods Road, Clermont: $5250000
    Woods Road, Clermont
  • 810 Chestnut Street, V. Rhinebeck: $850000
    810 Chestnut Street, V. Rhinebeck
  • 40 Woodside Street, Pine Plains: $320000
    40 Woodside Street, Pine Plains
  • 72 Morton Road, Rhinebeck: $838000
    72 Morton Road, Rhinebeck
  • Lakeview Drive, Livingston: $59900
    Lakeview Drive, Livingston
  • 7 Bird Court, Rhinebeck: $275000
    7 Bird Court, Rhinebeck