Knowing the Hudson Valley

Some people wonder what makes one Realtor successful while others struggle and have few successes. One of those factors relates to knowing your product. I focus on our area, the towns and villages in the Hudson Valley, where I live, the places I know well. I strive to view as many homes as possible within our area to help my clients determine the home that best suits their needs.

When you work with me, I can tell you where the churches are, where to find an ice cream cone, which areas have hospitals, where to go for a picnic, etc. I often know the future plans for the various towns and villages and can pass that information on to you. Because I focus on these areas, I can tell you what else is for sale on a street and which homes have sold on that street. I have seen most of the homes and can tell you about the condition of those homes and use that information in helping you determine a fair price for the home you purchase or determine the fair market value of the home you want to sell.