My real estate career began on Thanksgiving day of 2002.  I, like many of you have done the corporate thing, which brought me significant success but at a high personal cost of slogging from city to city with little to no quality of life.  It was time for a change.  I decided to come home and could not have made a better decision.

Growing up here I have an intimate knowledge of the area and the schools.  I will be able to tell you about the properties surrounding houses you are looking at and what is happening there.  I can guide you to the truly great restaurants, the local soccer league or swim team.  Would you like to hike, kayak, ski, know more about the local pool, library or even ride your bike all day and encounter little to no traffic.  I am your guy.

I am easy going yet highly organized, answering questions promptly and reviewing all documents with you in as much detail as you request. I am never harried or worried but I am methodical and patient.

By carefully listening to your needs and customizing my service to you, rest assured my efforts to negotiate with integrity on your behalf, creatively problem solve, and manage the numerous details will achieve a successful end result.  I appreciate and value the homes I list and take great care to highlight their best qualities.

One of the most satisfying transactions are my clients that are Real Estate Professionals from other areas that have sought me out as the local expert.  They truly know the business and have chosen me for my expertise to help them find a house or sell their current house.

My watchwords are:  Integrity. Expertise. Responsiveness. Respect. I bring these values to the service of all my clients, and I look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate them to you.